Returns – general

Packaging and labelling of returns:

We ask you to please fill in the repair form for each return and include it with the product. This will provide us with the order information for faster and more efficient processing of your repair. If missing order data renders us unable to correlate your returns and the corresponding order and subsequent attempts to resolve the matter prove unsuccessful, the unrepaired goods will be returned to sender within a 6 month window at senders’ expense.

The repair form for downloading can be found at the end of the page.

Note: When returning EMH products PLEASE make sure that the goods are packaged correctly. In cases of damages or destruction to the device which have arisen due to improper packaging and where a investigation or claim is no longer possible EMH is legible to reject any (guarantee) claims.

Repairs general

EMH is committed to repair or exchange a faulty product within the warranty period provided that it was used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

The repair service includes all necessary measures for restoring faulty products and also for retaining the functionality.

For repairs which are carried out at our factory in Gallin there is a warranty for the remaining period of the warranty period or for a maximum of six months after the repair. Products which are taken back during the warranty period shall return to the ownership of EMH.

The return of a faulty product to EMH does not mean that these will be repaired free of charge. On receipt of the product, EMH has the right to check if the warranty conditions have been complied with and that the request for a repair is justified. If the warranty conditions have not been fulfilled, costs may be incurred.

During the repair period, EMH does not offer a product on loan or a replacement product.

Furthermore, EMH is not liable for damages such as physical damage, overvoltage damages, changes made to the product, improper handling and insufficient packaging.

Repairs carried out after the warranty periods are subject to charge. After sending your product, you will receive a quote from us which must be signed and returned to EMH. Without your consent accepting the costs no examination or repair will be carried out unless EMH expresses the wish to examine it. Please note that for repairs (works orders), EMH conditions apply for repairs.

EMH has the right to refuse a repair for the following reasons:

    a) The product has been discontinued for at least five years or has not been for sale for at least five years.
    b) A repair of the product is not possible due to technological development reasons.

In the named cases we recommend that you contact your responsible sales representative so that the exchange of the faulty product can be tested against a technological current product from the range.

A credit note for an EMH product can only be issued in the following cases:

    a) It is a standard product.
    b) The product has never been used.

Damage by you or your installer can be ruled out. Custom-made products e.g. special meters shall not be taken back in return for a credit note.

Repair report / Investigation report


Usually you will receive a brief information on the delivery note which you receive with the return of the repaired product. If, in exceptional cases, a special report is required, please make a written note of this on the documents which you send in to us (repair report, delivery note) or respectively, in agreement with our representatives.

Content of the report

The repair report / investigation report offers you information on the investigation, an analysis, information on the repair carried out. In many cases, the cause of the failure can also depend on the environment and the operating conditions. Therefore detailed comments on the causes of failure are only possible in some cases.


If required, after a mutual agreement and in specific circumstances, it is possible to take a different approach e.g. to provide a loan device.